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In 2016, I trained at the Performing Option, with Madelyn Burns.

I worked with Todd Etelson, Dave, and the crew of ATNY taking Improv, On Camera Technique and Audition classes, every week for 9 weeks in early 2017.

Trained with Ms. Jen Rudin, Audition Workshop, July 2017.  I enjoyed the class, had lots of prep work to do and it was a great experience.

In February of 2019, attended a workshop at A Class Act NY where I was able to work on a few sides and monologues.

In February of 2019, attended a three day intense work shop with Katie Pohlman.

In July 2020, I worked with the magnificent Sheila Gray taking weekly workshops to further develop my craft.

In September 2020, I attended and advanced acting class with Sarah Baskin of The Prep NJ working from an imaginative, playful place bringing stories to life.

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